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Once pre-approved, we can have loan documents finalized within a few hours. From start to close in as little as 15 days!


We are your complete mortgage solution. We can provide you with financial advice, refer you to some great Real Estate Agents, help with credit repair, and provide you with quick, professional responses to any questions you may have.


We provide constant communication to all parties on a transaction so no one is out of the loop.

Our Story

Quest Home Loan Center is a leader in the home loan industry in Wisconsin. Opened in 2008, Quest has assembled a seasoned group of some of the best talent in the ever-changing mortgage industry. In addition, Quest aligned itself with Bank of England, a nationally recognized leader in mortgage banking. These two achievements have provided Quest with the distinction as a leader in the Wisconsin marketplace in customer service, follow up, product knowledge, compliance, and customer and realtor satisfaction. In addition to lending in Wisconsin, Quest has the ability to connect all of its clients with lending professionals throughout the country via Bank of England, our parent company, and its extensive branch network.

The Loan Process



  1. Apply – Apply with a Loan Officer to get pre-qualified!
  2. Issue – We issue the pre-qualification letter.
  3. Gather – Gather your documents to complete your application
  4. Find – Find a property and get it under contract.


5. Order – We order the third party services, such as the appraisal.
6. Process – We process the file to prepare it for underwriting.



7. Underwrite – We underwrite to formally approve or deny the loan.
8. Satisfy – Satisfy any conditions assigned to the underwriter.


9. Clear – We clear the file for closing.
10. Close – Close on your new home!


Speedy Transactions
We pride ourselves on having loan approval within 7 days from time of the application. Appraisals within 3-7 days .  Loan Commitments emailed out well in advance of commitment dates.
Constant Communication
We communicate all news to all parties the moment we hear something good, bad, or just to inform that things are moving along as promised. We copy in both agents in email dialogue so the same message is received by all involved.
Problem Solving
Our two co-managers have 45 years of experience and are arguably some of the best problem solvers in the business. If they can’t get it done, the loan file should not be taken.   They will prepare a game plan for borrowers if they don’t presently qualify and set a path for a future new application and purchase
Manageable Production

This office closes between 40-60 transactions monthly and each deal is precious to the bottom line. Unlike large Bank Mtg departments where most loans are an account number, our processing team and managers know each file intimately and ensure nothing slips thru the cracks because of large volumes.  We treasure each borrower and loan.

Referral Business Only
Unlike a bank, we don’t have walk in business or on-going clients with a checking account or student loan being serviced. We exist on referrals only and our reputation is paramount.  It is absolutely essential that everyone here makes our clients feel like they are the only thing that matters.
Belief System
Our belief starts at the top and resonates throughout the entire staff. Our belief that every borrower deserves to have the absolute best home buying or refinancing transaction possible.  One that is stress free, speedy, well communicated, and delivered on time.

Chuck, Dan, Wendy and everyone at Quest – I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the hard work you all put into my home loan.  The entire process was far less stress and worry than I had anticipated and I attribute that to all the wonderful people of Quest Home Loan Center.  You can count on me preaching your wonderful customer service and attention to detail to anyone who will listen.  You guys and gals are simply the BEST!!

Jaime and Teresa Feiertag

I just completed my refinancing with Todd and what a great experience!  Todd was able to answer all of my questions about the process and gave me open, honest answers when deciding if refinancing was right for me.  He even took time outside of normal business hours to answer my calls.  The process was quick, easy, and ended with me saving almost $200/month!  He gave me regular updates regarding my loan and let me know what was next in the process.  If you want to explore if refinancing is an option for you, I would recommend giving Todd a call.  Thanks for everything Todd!

Matt Sullivan

My wife and I just used Quest, with the help of Dave Langer, to get two loans, one for your primary residence and the other for a rental property.  Dave was very professional and helped us with all “hoops” borrowers are forced to jump through to get a loan these days.  I would highly recommend Dave Langer and the staff at Quest. They will get the job done.


Rob Holschuh

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